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Policies and Procedures

Product Information Policy, Pricing and Inventory makes every effort to make sure pricing and inventory information is accurate. It is possible that mistakes can happen. In the rare event that an item is incorrectly priced, the customer will be contacted with the pricing information.  Order can be canceled or adjusted.  Please note that reserves the right to cancel an order due to pricing, inventory or other errors.  In the event of an order cancellation due to pricing, inventory or other issue, the customer will be fully refunded for any items and/or shipping expenses if applicable. is not responsible for changes to the products from the manufactures.  If you have any questions about any of the products listed on please contact us to get clarification.

Limits of Liability Policy  is not responsible for any injury, personal and/or property damage as a result of using any of its products in any way. In general, our products and our manufactures products are designed to be used with radio-control models. Radio-Control models can be dangerous, always operate radio-control models in a safe manor and follow the guidelines of your local radio-control modeling governing body. is not responsible for any crash damage associated with the use of its products. has no control with how the product is installed and cannot guarantee that the customer will install or use its products in the proper manner, and therefore cannot be responsible for product use. Also, it is very difficult determine the cause of any radio-control model failure.

When installing, running or using any products, follow all manufactures recommendations and procedures!

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