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Swiwin Turbojet Engine

SWIWIN TURBINE ENGINES!  Being primarily a Turbine flier myself, I GET IT!  Change is tough! We tend to become loyal to our main brand of turbine and stay there.  Now there is nothing wrong with sticking with what you know as I have done myself for the past 8 years. Sometimes change or progress is just a natural fit as was my case with SWIWIN Turbines.  I had been researching SWIWIN for a few years prior to the change and was impressed with their advancements in technology and their processes and manufacturing capabilities!  

IMG_8548 copy.jpg

The lineup of various turbojet engines is wide and constantly expanding and wow can they accelerate FAST!  I am please to have them as a sponsor and also excited to be the Primary Agent for Canada supported directly by the SWIWIN Factory.  


Check out the lineup of SWIWIN Turbines HERE in the shop and Contact me if you have any questions!

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