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HURACAN Build Underway!

When I first saw the concept pictures of this aircraft from the North American Distributor I was hooked! The size, the intakes and the lines were beautiful!

Ozzie at Ozaero got me all setup and within a few weeks my Huracan was enroute. It arrived safe and sound. It was very well packed. Did I mention the size of this thing! 😳. Huge and Girthy!

At the time of writing this the build is well underway and is also featured on YouTube. The video series can be found at

I have to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of the channel supporters and Sponsors for making this happen!

Thanks to:

- Ozaero for the amazing aircraft and the custom Light housings for the wing leading edge!

- Skycandy Landing Lights for the insane light setup that transforms aircraft!

- CMJets for the ultra cool, high quality fuel tank!

- RTL fasteners for keeping my build boxes stocked!! Discount code JV30 gets you 30% off your order over $25. - Random Heli for the ultra cool aircraft Cradle system!

- JR ProPo/DFA Deeforce Aviation for the best servos in the industry!

Thanks for all the support and for watching the videos!

Jonathan Vogt

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