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Welcome to 2024!

It's been a minute......well, more like a year since we did a Blog Post! I figured I would put a quick post up to discuss what the last year has been briefly and what we have planned for 2024!

2023 in Review. We had a great year and there were many projects completed throughout the year. Lots of events attended. Here are some of the highlights of 2023.

  • Attended an event at the Apollo 11 field in California near the end of October 2023. Had a great time in California and a great day at the field.

  • Attended Miami Jet and had a blast! It's pretty amazing to see 1/2 of the events aircraft as @Elite Aerosports Aircraft!

  • Started The Lighter Side Of RC After Dark! Our live and Shorts channel. We have been doing live streams from the shop every 2 weeks for about 2 hours and I enjoy it a ton! This is a separate Channel on YouTube. If your not subscribed yet, check it out.

  • Started The RC Air Experience Podcast channel with Anthony! This has been another great addition to the creative efforts. It's been great to discuss the #Rc hobby with others in the industry and our focus is on #RCjets and #RCplanes #Turbines

  • As we came to the end of 2023 the Build list on the whiteboard was full and as we rolled into 2024 it got MORE FULL! Very happy and thankful to everyone who gets us to build/assemble your aircraft!

Plans for 2024! Here is some points of 2024 that we know so far.

  • Events planned as of Right Now for The Lighter Side of RC to Attend.

    • Tucson Jets March 12-15.

    • Jets over Montana June 18-23 Kalispell Montana.

    • Alberta's littlest Airport Canada Day Event. June 28 - July 1.

    • Tofield Jets July 11 to July 14.

    • Corn Roast Albertas Littlest Airport Aug 16-18.

  • Our first addition to the AMA Monthly Publication should be out in April.

  • Some of the aircraft currently being built and ones upcoming. I believe there are more but these are the ones I can remember off hand.

    • Skymaster 1/5th scale F16

    • Skymaster SU30 (Almost Complete)

    • Skymaster XXL F14

    • BVM Super Bandit #1

    • BVM Ultra Bandit #1

    • BVM Ultra Bandit #2

    • BVM Super Bandit #2

    • CARF Rebel Hot

    • CARF Rebel Pro

    • Elite Aerosports BDX #1

    • Elite Aerosports BDX #2 (This may be mine, Wink Wink)

    • Hangar 9 Bronco

    • Elite Aerosports Rayzr

    • Nurila Pattern Plane

    • CARF Large F4 Phantom

    • Skymaster XL F-15

    • Hangar 9 Corsair with Radial

  • We Added a few new products to the website over the past few months. A couple of the cool new additions are Wood battery holders, Wood UAT mounts and some wood servo mounts with multiple mounting plates which I have used on a few builds already. Very Handy Units!

  • Hopefully we can add some more posts as time allows throughout the 2024 year! Thanks for all of you who place orders on the site, Subscribe and watch our YouTube Content and are Fans of what we do! It is appreciated!

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