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The New Shop is coming along!

First off. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the shop build. If your a fan of the YouTube channel and you have donated we continually update the names of donators in each video.

This picture is from January 31, 2022. Currently all the insulation, boarding, painting is complete. The perimeter base of the wall is getting finished off. We still have another 5 ish weeks for the garage doors to be delivered and installed. While we wait for doors, this will be our temporary spray booth for home doors and trims to get sprayed prior to install. Before or close to the time the doors get installed the floor will be coated for a beautiful and durable finish.

once the garage doors are installed, moving day will happen!! Very excited.

Some folks have asked how to donate to the build. Links are listed in the video description section but I will include them here as well.

Thank you very much for the donations!

Thank you in advance for donating to the Shop Build.

To Donate by Go Fund Me:

To Donate by Paypal:

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